About Us

EI Power Technologies Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 913886-A) short name EIPT was founded by visionary directors with extensive experiences in the power engineering industry. We are a subsidiary of a OCK Group Berhad, a public traded company listed on the KLSE Main Market. EIPT is driven by two major business divisions namely, Renewable Power Generation and Conventional Power Generation.

What We Do

EIPT is the One Stop Centre for all your energy needs, from renewable to conventional power generation systems. We design your plant (Engineering), purchase components (Procurement) and build the plants (Construction), including the infrastructure. Our engineers customize the plants according to your location and your needs. Having realised more than 500 solar and diesel generation projects across the nation, we provide you with high-quality components, help you with all questions concerning financing and monitor the operation of your plant.

Notwithstanding the quantum of successfully executed projects, EIPT is also armed with power consultants and GCPV engineers who are certified by various institutions around the world and especially in our home country Malaysia. We have also direct relationship with our parent company OCK Group Bhd which is one of the current leaders in engineering turnkey engineering services for the telecommunications industry in the ASEAN region. EIPT is well positioned to address the growing and future needs of various power requirements ranging from Government Infrastructure projects to High-end Commercial project and even Residential power requirements.


Renewable, Reliable and Remunerative Energy Towards a Sustainable Future

In the booming and fast changing 21st Century, there exists a surge in demand for efficiency in all aspects of our life. We build our vision encompassing the most basic of our day to day needs, “Energy”. EIPT endeavors to empower each and every individual and corporation to fulfill their responsibility towards a sustainable future.


Increase Awareness of Renewable and Efficient Energy Needs.

We strive to assist individuals and organizations to harness more through renewable and efficient energy solutions to meet their energy needs. We believe this would ultimately form the basic to make their business more productive and sustainable.